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Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

10 Myths About Hiring an Interior Designer
Julia Campbell, ASID
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Where Do I Start?
Julia Campbell, ASID
Campbell Design
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What's Hot from High Point Market
Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

Transform a drab room
Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

Shopping tips from Designing Touch Interiors
Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

Extend you living area...to the outdoors!
Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

Spring Into A New Look!!!

It's Time For A New Pillow When....

Fabric is in!

What Constitutes a True Oriental Rug?




Fabric is in!

Drape it, tie it, twist it, gather it, and create with it.

Fabric will change the look of your life.  You are in charge to create new color and new style within your own budget.  Today the overall look and feel of most rooms is more casual much like our lifestyles.  This makes way for more frequent fabric and in most cases by never sewing a stitch.  Even seasonal effects can be created to celebrate the holidays with a special dcor.  By draping or wrapping, learn to be bold with fabric.

Drama is in!  Romance is in! Fabric is in!

For Spring---layer a table with pastel colored fabrics
Great for decorating Weddings or Showers!

Take a round table, place the fabric cut in a large square evenly over the table letting the corners hang down.  Dont worry if the fabric is not even, you can also use sheets for this effect.  Take one corner hanging down and tie a large knot loosely then let it puddle gracefully on the floor.  Repeat the other corners and pull the fabric to balance the amount of fabric evenly around.

For added drama place a different color under the tied cloth.  The same fabric or color palette can be used to tie across folding chairs to pull the entire collection together.  Your guests will think they are at a grand ball.  Have a great time experimenting with different looks.




Spring Into A New Look!!!

Welcome to Spring! Time to look around your home and think of sprucing it up for the fun outdoors and in. Sunrooms and patios can come alive with two or three new items. Change out that tired look to a fresh happy color. Greens and butter creams or add a splash with bright primaries.

Today there are lots of new looks to wicker. Indoor and outdoor wicker is hot! You can make you patio, deck or sunroom look like a photo right out of Southern Living. Let us help! Scan through these photos for some great idea and look to our website for info on how to purchase.

Don't stop at the sunroom. Look at this beautiful collection to freshen up any bedroom. Picture your guest or master bedroom with a background of soothing lavender paint or crisp white. This ensemble would freshen up any space and place you in a relaxing mood. Contact About Last Nite for more information.

Celebrate Spring through-out your home. Let Catawba Furniture Mall make it happen for you. The right look at the right price. THE REAL FURNITURE DEALS ARE IN HICKORY!





It's Time For A New Pillow When....

  • You lay your head down and it keeps going, and going and going.
  • The pillow is shot
  • Your pillow has had more birthdays than you (change every five years)
  • You wake up to soreness and discomfort in your shoulder and neck
  • The dog is sleeping better than you
  • You fold your down pillow in half and it does not spring back to shape
  • You toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position
  • You stack up two or three and you still can't see the TV (bad habit anyway)
  • You have to put it quickly into a pillowcase to keep it from falling apart

So check out your current pillow situation and make a decision. Here are some basic guide lines regarding pillow sizes and choices.

Sources for pillows in the Catawba Furniture Mall

About Last Nite, Studio 70, Ashley Furniture Homestore

Standard pillow are 20"X 26" They are designed to fit any bed really but are best used on twin beds as a single or for a double or queen two pillows.

Queen pillow are 20"X 30" as you can see four inches longer than the standard and designed to fit queen beds with two.

King pillows are the big boys 20"X 36" These are designed to fit all sizes of king beds from California to Eastern King beds.

Specialty pillow are also good and come in a variety of sizes for example the
Tempur-Pedic are as follows:

Swedish Neck Pillows ranging in thickness from 2.5 inches to 5 inches are available.

There is a size to fit every body.

  • Junior Neck Pillow 15 x 10 x 2.5
  • Small Neck Pillow 20 x 12 x 3
  • Medium Neck Pillow 20 x 12 x 4
  • Large Neck Pillow 20 x 12 x 4.5
  • X-Large Neck Pillow 20 x 12 x 5

Designed for Queen and King-size beds, these Queen length Swedish Neck Pillows Are 4 inches longer than the standard length neck pillows above.

  • Queen Medium Neck Pillow 24 x 12 x 4
  • Queen Large Neck Pillow 24 x 12 x 4.5
  • Queen X-Large Neck Pillow 24 x 12 x 5

Specially designed pillow cases are available to fit the unique cervical design of the Neck pillows

  • Pillow Case for S, M, L or XL 20 x 12 x 5
  • Pillow Case for Queen series 24 x 12 x 5
  • Pillow Case for Travel Pillow 10 x 12 x 4

Travel Neck Pillow Ideal for traveling, this versatile pillow is the same thickness as The medium neck pillow and can be rolled to fit in its own convenient carrying case.

When rolled, the travel pillow can be used as a lumbar support or neck roll. 10x12x4





What Constitutes a True Oriental Rug?



An Oriental rug must include the following things:

1. It must be of MidEast or Asian origin.
2. It must be made completely from natural fibers
3. It must be knotted completely by hand.



Traditional vs. Contemporary:
There are two major categories that oriental rugs can
be grouped under. Traditional and Contemporary. Traditional rugs are the
result of a carpet-making heritage of at least 1000 years including tribal,
city or town origin. Contemporary rugs come from nontraditional weaving
regions and are comparable with modern decorating styles.

How to Determine the Value of an Oriental Rug:
There are eight factors that determine the value of an Oriental rug:

1. Man years
2. Color
3. Designer
4. Recognized artist
5. Material
6. Dyes
7. Weaver
8. Labor rate

Materials in an Oriental rug are mostly wool or silk knotted
onto a cotton foundation. Wool is a critical element in the quality of
an Oriental rug. Intensive use of good wool carpet over a period of time
will polish the wool and the natural oils will come to the surface giving
it a wonderful sheen. Sometimes an older rug can look like it is made
of silk instead of wool.

Dyes fall into three different categories:
1. Aniline dyes
2. Chrome dyes
3. Natural dyes
Aniline dyes are acid-based synthetics Chromium dyes are
now almost equal to vegetable dyes Natural dyes are made from flowers,
roots, berries, bark, insects, and sometimes from minerals or metals such
as iron.

Within Oriental rugs there is a strong meaning to each
color. These meanings are an integral part of the Easterner's beliefs
about life and order in the universe.


There are four different types of designs:

Medallion - designed with solid color or with small designs
surrounding a central medallion.

Repeat - designed with a repeating pattern cut off by
the borders with more of a geometric pattern.

Representational - designed with people and animals and
often tells a story.

Niche and tree - design is uniform from the point of view
of style even though the patterns vary considerably.


Carpets today are woven the same as they were thousand
of years ago. Rows of knots are tied on a foundation of wrap and weft and become the pile. When the rug is completed, the ends form fringes which may be braided, tasseled or secured. The weaver's instruments are simple and hand made.

There are two basic knots:

1. The Turkish (Ghiordes) knot
2. The Persian (Sehna) knot

The choice of knot varies between districts. Both types
are sometimes used in one and the same locality. Weaving is carried on
from sunrise to sunset twelve to sixteen hours a day. Output naturally
varies from weaver to weaver. A good weaving speed is 800 knots per hour
or 6400 knots per day.

It can take more than three years to weave a 9x12 with
a 300-knot density.

Great Artists:
An artist's statement is definitely found within an Oriental
rug. It is a statement to all mankind - a testimony that he lived, loved
and triumphed over his harsh environment. The artist's soul is communicated
through a great Oriental rug. The bright colors are the emotions and feelings
the artist has within himself.

Choosing Oriental Rugs as an Investment:
Over the last decade, Oriental rugs have averaged a steady
10% appreciation per year, a rate that surpasses most other types of investments.

An important medium for investment is the purchase of objects of beauty
and utility, which have increased in value over the years. Unlike paintings
and stamps, they perform a function throughout the consumer's lifetime.

Liquidity is one of the major factors for consideration
by the investor. Generally the greater the degree the liquidity of an
asset the lower the return. Oriental rugs are the exception. They enjoy
a great degree of liquidity while offering one of the highest return for
your investment due to the increasing demand caused by awareness of the
public of their value. Couple with the international market for all types
of oriental rugs, good rugs continue to keep their promise as investments.

As always in life, the phrase "only the best yields
the highest profit" applies here, not only in actual increase in
value, but also in psychic satisfaction gained from the carpet.



Ask Annette

Annette M. Howes
Design Solutions
Freshen-up the indoors for Spring........
Sometimes just adding accessories and unique accents are all you need to give your interiors that spring-fresh-feel!!!!  For bringing wonderful color and texture to an existing sofa, try adding a few new pillows.  Shop at "About Last Nite" to find the current styles.  Layer the pillows by using two large matching ones at each end of the sofa, and place a kidney shape (small rectangle) in the center.   Don't forget to notice the trims.. cords, fringe, and tassels that are on most of the pillow options.  Those details on a small item really yield the designer look at a fraction of the cost of all new upholstery. In addition to pillows, shop for throws, quilts, and all types of bed linens at About Last Nite.
For more accessories, shop "Cornerstone Wine and Gifts". They have lamps, picture frames, statuary, garden accents, and iron wine racks..just to name some of their assortment..they have something to see in every inch of the store..and it's a fun place to shop!
Also, check out the "Designer's Outlet" for special pieces..perhaps you need a chest with a decorative mirror for your foyer..or a bench, console or other item for a finishing touch.  For the Spring-theme, look across the hallway to the Painted finishes of the Riverside collection at "Heritage Home".  This collection has a cottage-feel.  Or for the contemporary or simplistic style, visit "Studio 70".  They have wonderful artwork, table top pieces, and lighting.  You'll especially enjoy hearing the calm, soothing sounds of their water fountain accessories. 
All of the showrooms in the Catawba Furniture Mall have a wide assortment of accessories for every taste and budget.  The sales people will welcome you to shop for furniture and accessory items at your leisure..They are willing to point you in a direction if you just tell them what you are looking for, as well.   
Happy Spring and Happy Shopping at the Catawba Furniture Mall !!!!!!!!!  




Tips and Hints from Designing Touch Interiors
Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

When furniture shopping, bring samples of paint colors, wallpaper, carpet, and window treatments for color and pattern co-ordination.

House plans or a sketch of your room is helpful for selecting items of correct dimensions and proportions.

Consider how a room will be used in selections.  For example, a family room would require more durable fabrics.

Your furniture should reflect your personality and lifestyle.  Creating a setting that will welcome you home and make you feel good when you arrive is important.

Rugs are an important ingredient in decorating.  They add warmth, color, and can anchor a conversation area.  Placing rugs at an angle in a bedroom (under corner of bed) can add a splash of color and interest.  Dining room rugs should be large enough to accommodate table and chairs sufficiently.  Measuring carefully will avoid costly mistakes.

Decorative pillows can add so much interest to upholstery.  They can be changed with seasons to create a whole new "feel".  Warmer and heavier fabrics are nice in the winter and lighter fabrics are better for spring and summer.

Older lamps can be updated with new shades.  Adding shades to the chandeliers in the dining room can give a softer, more elegant look.



Extend your living area...to the outdoors

by including the patio, porch, deck, or yard.
-A well designed outdoor room should begin with a theme that suits you and your lifestyle
-Select furniture that blends with the theme and is comfortable and functional.
-For added interest, use containers of various sizes and shapes for greenery and flowers.
-Fountains, benches, bakers racks, or architectural pieces make great focal points
-Privacy can be obtained by adding decorative screens, fencing and shrubbery.
-Music, candles, and lighting can create a peaceful and relaxing setting.
-If the space is small, use smaller furniture in one basic color and contrast with pillows.

A great selection of outdoor furniture has just arrived at Catawba Furniture Mall, featuring wicker, wood, steel, and iron in many fabric choices.  Hope to see you soon!


Transform a Drab Room
Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

If you want to transform a drab room into a new exciting space, add color, pictures, pillows, florals and rugs.  Table settings and new glasses can transform a "tired" table into something new and exciting.  New rugs and towels can update a bathroom with a minimum of expense and effort.  Shower curtains sewn in fabric and raised higher to the ceiling creates an illusion of space and elegance.  Paint is still the most cost effective method for changing the complete look of any room.  

Fall is upon us, and this is the time of year is especially good for using your patios, porches, and sun rooms as an extension of your house for entertaining and enjoying.  Architectural pieces are great for outdoor spaces.  Also they work great indoors when pictures and mirrors are not appropriate, or have been over-used.

The past spring furniture market in High Point, NC showed more elegance in design with "swirls and curves" on case goods and fringe and tassels being used on upholstery.  Of course, there are always the more modern and mission styles that will always be popular.  Fall market is just a few weeks away and we will update you afterward regarding what's hot and what's new.

Where Do I Start?
Julia Campbell ASID, Campbell Designs

One of the questions I am asked most often as a designer is where do I start when I am picking furniture, accessories, art, and colors.  As a designer, I begin with what is known as a Concept. 

Do you want your room to feel or look like a chic and modern New York loft, a rustic European villa, a classic traditional Colonial, or your favorite country room in Grandmas house?  Each one of these ideas is a Concept to begin decorating an entire home or just an individual room.  Finding ideas in magazines, books, on television and through traveling can start you on your way to creating your own Concept that best fits your personality and lifestyle.  Keep the ideas you find- pictures of spaces, favorite colors, fabrics you love, anything that can be a visual reminder of what you of desire.  This collection of ideas will be a great reference when you are decorating a new home, or when you renovate an existing one.

Select each item you are using- from paint color to flooring to furniture to ceiling fixtures-with your ultimate Concept in mind.  Using that vision, you will create the Room of Your Dreams.



What's Hot from High Point Market 2004
Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

Many wood items and new group introductions featured an Asian influence.  This was evident in the clean lines and darker wood tones, as well as the hardware.  Pewter hardware still remains popular.

Day Beds are very "hot" right now.  Why?  Space saving solutions for rooms, especially youth and guest bedrooms.  Some of the newer homes feature four and five bedrooms, however, some of them are small and this calls for some creative ideas for furniture.  Day beds can also be great for sunrooms, home offices, and spare rooms.  Metal beds have always been popular, but rattan, wicker, and sea grass are the newer looks.

Leather is better than ever.  In 2002 it moved to the bedroom on headboards, footboards, and benches or stools at the foot of the bed.  The next stop was in the dining room for easy cleaning and durability.  Now, it can be used throughout the house.  Furniture manufacturers are now pairing leather with wood, chrome, and natural fibers to create styles for every taste; from traditional to contemporary.  Colors range from chocolate browns to vibrant reds to neutral tones.  Embossed leather is still "hot".

The color for market this year was "Spa" which we describe as aqua tones.  All spa and sage values of green were displayed, along with pinks and blues.  Rooms done entirely in neutrals with vibrant reds for accent were especially dramatic.

Silks were very beautiful for accent and for some upholstery.

New entertainment cabinets and consoles especially designed for plasma tv's have now hit the market in many wood tones.

It is evident that creativity is still alive and well in the furniture industry.  However, more needs to be done to give the consumer the solutions they need for their unique situations.  It was fun and exhausting as always----but that's the High Point Furniture Market.


10 Myths About Hiring an Interior Designer



The Myth

The Truth


Its too expensive.

A designer can work in any price range- from spending a few hours freshening up a room with what you already own to complete upfits.


I can do the project cheaper and faster myself.

A designer can help prevent costly mistakes as well as use sources only available to the trade to keep costs under control.


Anyone with a flair for design can decorate.

A professional ASID or IIDA designer has met education and work requirements of 6+ years and passed a 2 day exam on planning, codes and ethics.


A designer will impose a style that does not reflect my personal taste.

The best designers will incorporate your taste and lifestyle into the design- after all, YOU are the client.


Designers only pick colors and furniture.

Designers do choose colors and furniture, but they can also plan your space, incorporate lighting, and specify finishes that are appropriate for your space.


Designers only do big projects.

Many designers work on a room by room basis from simply hanging art or assisting with color selections only.


Designers will sell me a bunch of stuff I dont want.

A designers main goal is to meet YOUR needs through planning and analyzing the space which may or may not include replacing or adding new pieces.

Now that you know the Truth, let Campbell Design make your home or office the most beautiful and inspiring place it can be!


Holiday Decorating Tips
Judy Evans and Linda Garmon

Before you begin, it's very smart to do an inventory of what you have and what needs to be replaced.  Check the lights first, so when you begin decorating, you don't have to make a mad dash to the store.

Keep the same color and theme throughout your house for a more tasteful and "pulled together" look.  For example, if you are doing the traditional reds and greens, do that on the mantle, stairway, tree and wreaths.

It is also good to select colors that go with your colors and style of decorating that is used other times of the year.  If your house is more contemporary, you may want to use silver as a main color; Victorian style decor is very good with pearls and beads.

Everything doesn't have to be elaborately decorated to look nice.  Sometimes you can go with ribbon on garland and simply add inexpensive balls to create a great look.  At fabric stores, you can sometimes find tassels that will make a tree unique.

Hanging the balls from the ribbons gives a more dramatic feeling.  Making loops or bows with ribbons is also a good "fill-in" for a tree.  Fruit, balls, sprigs, florals, etc. may all be used together to create a tree that will "wow" your home.  Just be sure to keep colors in all of these items coordinated.

Looking at magazines is a great way to get new and fresh ideas for holiday decorating. 

Mixing real greenery (from your yard or woods) with artificial makes a truly great look inexpensively.  Just be sure to protect your wood furnishings from the natural greenery.  Adding pine cones is another inexpensive accessory.

Bring in Christmas throughout your home.  Just a simple crystal or glass vase with balls of red, gold, and silver inside can make a beautiful centerpiece for the cocktail table.  Adding candles on each side with greenery can make a lovely dining room centerpiece.

Have a beautiful holiday season!



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